NtechSMS has made it easy for users to buy sms units by accepting the following payment methods.

* Online payment without leaving the site and you get credited immediately

* Online bank transfer using quickteller or ATM

* Direct Bank deposit

Steps to make payments without leaving the site, using your ATM card:

1. Login into your NtechSMS account or Register if you don't have an account yet, click on buy SMS on the left corner.

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2. Choose  With ATM credit/debit card, enter your SMS quantity and click on Buy SMS.


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3. You will be redirected to a new page (Our Payment Processor), then confirm your SMS Quantity and Price rates and click on the  name of the card you want to use for payment.If you select to pay using VoguePay(you must have a wallet/account with Voguepay to use this)

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4.Enter your e-mail address and click on the Make payment button.

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5. When the Payment platform page appears, enter your card details safely and correctly, Click Pay.

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6. Then allow for payment to process, after successful completion click on return to merchant site. If it fails you can repeat the process or use another payment method

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How to buy SMS by Direct bank deposit and ATM/online transfer:

1. Decide on the quantity that suits your need, multiply the units you need by 1.60 e.g 1000units x N1.60 = N1600

2. Make payments either by Transfer or by Direct deposit to any of the account details below:

Our Accounts Details

ubnlogohor vert7712clogo1

Account Name: Orogwu Chinonso Pascal

Account Number: 0035774856


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Account Name: Orogwu Chinonso Pascal

Account Number: 2686289017

3. Notify us by sending a text message in the format below to 08101199847

paid for units, amount paid, teller number, bank name, Ntechsms depositor's name(your ntechsms username)

Example: Paid for 10,000 SMS units, amount:16,000, teller no: 543769, Union Bank, depositor's name: geoffery12

to 08101199847.


NOTE: If you payed by transfer just type the Transaction ID or Ref in place of the teller number

You will be credited as soon as your payment is confirmed.